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Got An Idea Worth Sharing? Harness the Power of the Human Imagination

I'm constantly drawn outside the usual orbit of federal acquisition regulations to the art of engaging people in conversation.

For starters, if you are growing your federal business, someone (usually many of them) has to know you, like you, and trust you...when they are almost always doing business with somebody else or solving problems some way that doesn't involve you. Yet.

The conversation sure doesn't open with what kind of small business you are. Try starting with the unique way you solve a problem you know your listener has.

"Follow The Money": Classic Watergate Lesson Drives Federal Wins

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Some of the best advice for federal contract success comes from Mark Felt. Remember him? No? I bet you remember his advice to Bob Woodward, as Watergate scandal's secret source "Deep Throat" in 1972: "Follow the money." Public money means public information. If you know how to find and dig deeply into past federal contract data, you get the stories. Those stories let you open conversations, deepen relationships, and lead to business.

Why Winning Government Bids Takes A Top Guide

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After more than a dozen years, Summit Insight remains true to our mission.

Summit is both a noun and a verb. As a noun, it’s the goal you want to reach: business with the world’s biggest buyer, the U.S. federal government. As a verb, it’s the act of getting there.

Insight is what we give you to get there: the latest tools, techniques, and data. It’s your climb, it’s your journey. Our team are the guides that can take you to the top.

GSA Acquisition Gateway: Vendor Boon, Bust, or Both?

GSA Acquisition Gateway, Summit Insight, General Services Administration, Schedule Contracts
Charles Clark's GovExec must-read article on GSA's Acquisition Gateway puts your hand right on the door. The Office of Personnel Management aims to encourage over 10,000 Federal buyers to start to use the Acquisition Gateway this year to compare solutions and price shop as well as share insights and expertise across 17 “hallways” of products and services. Smart VENDORS are already walking the halls of GSA's Acquisition Gateway, too. Are you one? There are four reasons why you need to wall off some time for yourself NOW and tour GSA's Acquisition Gateway. Oh, and do you know your risks?

Get Federal Contracts: The Surprising Invisible Rule

How to Get Federal Contracts - what you need to know

This whole month, I'm going to be talking about how to fall in love with Federal contracting all over again (or maybe even for the first time ever).

This is a hard market to love. It takes incredible determination, smarts, patience and resources to success, whether you're a prime or a sub or both. Thousands of businesses try and fail, or give it their all before giving up when the success they want simply never comes to pass.