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Federal Q4 Tip #2: Be courageous: Make personal contact.

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Imagine being a federal buyer, barraged by vendor emails and direct mail, especially from July through September. How can you, as a vendor, stand out from all that noise?

Strategy: Pick up the phone, with the goal of getting in front of buyers, live and in person.

Why is it so hard to make phone calls?
We have two simple fears:
We are afraid of rejection,and we’re afraid that we won’t know what to say.

I’m going to make all of that go away for you, forever, starting now.

Got An Idea Worth Sharing? Harness the Power of the Human Imagination

I'm constantly drawn outside the usual orbit of federal acquisition regulations to the art of engaging people in conversation.

For starters, if you are growing your federal business, someone (usually many of them) has to know you, like you, and trust you...when they are almost always doing business with somebody else or solving problems some way that doesn't involve you. Yet.

The conversation sure doesn't open with what kind of small business you are. Try starting with the unique way you solve a problem you know your listener has.

Federal Contract Winners, Protesters, and Real Losers

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I recently surveyed 113 federal contractors about their success in federal contracting. 49% said their win rate is less than 10%. That didn’t surprise me. In 2010, when I was researching my book, I interviewed a business owner who was all excited about winning her first federal contract.

“Tell me something,” I asked. “How many bids did it take you to win that first one?”

“39,” she said triumphantly.