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Pick Out The Perfect Opportunity To Pursue

If an opportunity's not glowing red hot, how can YOU tell the difference? Look at any two Federal opportunities. Which one is pliable? Which is already too cold for you to shape? Which opportunities could you have captured if you had known the right thing to do?

Are you giving the right attention to the right opportunity? What are the foolproof criteria to tell them apart?

Growing Federal Contracts: The Seven Drivers Of Trust

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This post is based on the extraordinary talk, "The Anatomy of Trust" by Dr Brene Brown. Understanding trust gives us a way to more deeply examine and talk about what we need. When we are uneasy about a relationship, when the sales aren't coming, when your intuition tells you your contract is at risk, here’s a definitive gut-check to consider very specifically where your relationship is not working well. That also gives you a more specific starting point for what may be a difficult conversation, but one that truly matters. Trust is built one small moment at a time. It's not a switch you can flick on or off. It's built slowly. That is the agonizing, frustrating, part for so manyof the business owners -- large and small -- who want to expand their Federal contracts. "Why can't it happen faster?" they ask.

How To Become The Vendor They Trust

You know you have the superior solution for that Federal buyer...if only she would give you a chance. What's the secret to winning work from a Federal buyer who's already working with your competition? 

"We have to know you, like you, and trust you," they say. But how do you build trust when you can't even get in the door? 

Here are some things to consider as you get ready to break the cycle of frustration and change the game — in everyone's favor.