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Activating Your FY2015 Sales Plan (Part 4)

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Reach out to potential partners who can help you access contract vehicles or set asides.   Many competitors are potential partners, too – especially if they are eligible for set-aside program that are different from yours. Go back to www.USASpending.gov to see which companies are the top vendors in your target agency in each major small business program. You can find a primary point for those companies in the Dynamic Small Business Search.

Where Are Your Buyers? 3 Ways To Build Essential Federal Connections (Part 3)

contact list federal sales plan government procurement strategy "summit Insight"

Next, it’s time to build or refresh your contact list for your fiscal 2015 federal effort. Successful federal contractors build many relationships inside each federal agency for every major sale. Whether your business is large or small, you’ll also need another deep set of diverse contacts among other contractors to support the teaming that has become essential for growth.

Good news! Your market intelligence is the foundation for that effort. Of course, your star contacts are your current clients. The next tier: the people they recommend to you.

FY2015 Federal Success Launch (Part 2): Where To Get Intelligence.

federal business intelligence "summit insight" market research strategy government procurement

Now is a great time to begin your prospecting plan. Start by looking back: the past contract awards on www.USASpending.gov reveal the big picture. What did your target agencies buy last year -- from your competitors as well as from you?  Which contract vehicles did they use most? How will your company access those contract vehicles? Which contracts will be coming up for recompetition in the next six to twelve months? 

Make FY2015 Your Best Ever (Part 1): Get Focused!

federal business strategy steps to focus "summit insight" find buyers

If you’re a federal contractor – or want to be -- here’s what you need know to get your fiscal 2015 off to a strong start. Federal contract awards may be even slower than usual in October through January. But that makes it the perfect time to do the essential groundwork that pays off in the spring.

First step: Get focused. Here's what to do.

If you already have federal clients: Let your top past performance open doors to your best prospects. Reach out to your top federal clients, and ask them two things: “If you were me, who else in your agency would I be calling? And which one person in another agency should I be calling on?”

If this is the year you’ve decided to get started in federal contracting...

It's Not All Bad: FY2015 Federal Contracting Predictions

FY2015 predictions federal contractors small business procurement

What's in store for small business -- and ALL business -- in FY2015? It's not getting easier...but it's not all bad. Continuing resolutions, new problems, old struggles, surprising twists, dark horses and unlikely outcomes! Get the full picture in my blog post at the Washington Business Journal.

What one change would make a difference for you in the year to come, and why?