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10 Signs That It's Time For Reverse Auction

Federal reverse auctions can open the big doors of federal agencies for vendors

Despite federal budget woes and close scrutiny from the Administration, reverse auction – the ultimate Race To The Bottom – is actually becoming more popular among federal buyers.

Tough price competition isn’t a winning strategy for many vendors. So, how do you decide when reverse auctions can open big doors for your business?

Actually, there are ten clues.

5 Surprising Facts About Federal Reverse Auctions!

Federal Reverse Auctions are already at a keyboard near you

Federal buyers will turn to reverse auctions more often in 2015, in their quest to stretch budgets and increase competition. There are now three different federal reverse auction services, run by:  The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), GSA Reverse Auction, and commercial provider FedBid. But these five facts could make you re-think your strategy.

Role reversal: How small businesses can successfully subcontract to the big boys

Budget cuts are compelling large contractors to consider more subcontracting opportunities – quite a change for them and the small businesses suddenly calling the shots.

The role reversal has its fair share of risks actually. Here’s a common scenario: A small business seeks the support of a large contractor to land an opportunity that’s bigger than anything it’s ever bid before. A federal buyer might infer that the big company’s decision to participate indicates solid resources backing the small firm’s breakthrough proposal. 

Win Even When You Lose

Especially in the busy federal fourth quarter, maybe your strategy is to invest in a few carefully-cultivated opportunities. Or maybe you’ve found the kind of success you hope for when you paper the town with proposals. Either way, one thing’s for sure: Nobody wins ‘em all. But do you know what you could win even when you lose?