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Small Business Tackles More Federal Contract Risks

Contractor Looking at a gap in a bridge
Congress' most recent round of action and delaying tactics mean a continued federal fiscal squeeze in the face of uncertainty. Expect federal buyers to push contractors to the limit of risk and resources -- because buyers have no resources left to absorb the risks. There will be some sharp short term adjustments as many projects get cut. That uncertainty and pressure is making small business owners think hard about whether it's worth getting into the federal market. It's also driving others -- like an 18-year-old multi-million dollar firm with experience in over a dozen agencies -- to make major investments to sustain their federal success.

A Tale of Two Crises – Part One

If you haven't yet kept that promise you made to yourself during Washington DC's 2010 Snowmageddon—to have a better business continuity plan—you might have paid the price, big time, in the violent derecho summer storm of 2012, when hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses lost power. Breathing a sigh of relief because you got missed? Either way, here’s why you’ll want to make continuity planning a higher priority.