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How to Make Congress Work for You

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New Federal administrations bring big ideas for change, both in acquisition policy and in the budgets that agencies have for contracting. Proposals for both are now moving into high gear! Those proposals might represent things you want to see happen, things you don't want to see happen, or both. Right now, three things are essential to support your business interests with a new Federal administration in power: Research, Relationships, and Requirements. Here’s how to invest time and resources in all three, no matter where you are on the political spectrum!

The Good "Gotcha"

Federal contracting is a world known for dishing up nasty surprises. So when on earth could a "gotcha" be good? For almost 30 years, my profession has been federal contracting. As a business owner, I learned fast that “gotcha” is not good. Bad surprises, expensive mistakes, ruined integrity, broken trust. Now, I'm going to tell you about a special part of my world, that taught me when the word "gotcha", loud and with gusto, means something very different.

Hot, Dry, Barren: But...Signs of Life?

ATACAMA Rover Project (Photo credit: Victor Robles)

You know how hard Federal contracting is. You've had those weeks, those months: no signs of life anywhere. You turn over the rocks, you dig. Everything seems absolutely uninhabited. Nobody's returning calls. No opportunities. Nothing.

And yet. You know that Federal agency is spending money. In fact, your competitor is winning some of it, and it's really annoying the socks off you. What signs of life did they see that you missed?

The 30-Day Proposal: What Really You Need

Want Hermione's Time-Turner to give you the extra proposal hours you need?
“I need more time,” you’re thinking as you pull another all-nighter slammed up against yet one more proposal deadline. “How does anybody get these things done in 30 days?” What you need most is a reality check. If you’re looking for the way to do the whole job, start-to-finish, in 30 days, stop what you’re doing right now. Take a lesson from the man who led the team that designed the fastest aircraft that has ever flown:

Federal Fiscal Year-End Tool Kit (Part One)

Tools for federal fiscal year end, Judy Bradt, GSA, Federal Sales, FYE
While the White House has proposed spending cuts in every agency except DHS, DoD and VA, Congress is pushing back hard. That means federal buyers are uncertain about what FY18 will bring…and eager to spend every last dollar they have in the current year’s budget! So get a jump start on Q4: if you haven’t started doing these things now, you can bet your competitors have. This three-part series brings you tips to stay ahead of the game!