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The 30-Day Proposal: What Really You Need

Want Hermione's Time-Turner to give you the extra proposal hours you need?
“I need more time,” you’re thinking as you pull another all-nighter slammed up against yet one more proposal deadline. “How does anybody get these things done in 30 days?” What you need most is a reality check. If you’re looking for the way to do the whole job, start-to-finish, in 30 days, stop what you’re doing right now. Take a lesson from the man who led the team that designed the fastest aircraft that has ever flown:

Activating Your FY2015 Sales Plan (Part 4)

Federal sales action plan procurement calls contacts shaking hands

Reach out to potential partners who can help you access contract vehicles or set asides.   Many competitors are potential partners, too – especially if they are eligible for set-aside program that are different from yours. Go back to www.USASpending.gov to see which companies are the top vendors in your target agency in each major small business program. You can find a primary point for those companies in the Dynamic Small Business Search.