Doing Business With The Smithsonian Institution: A Vendor’s Story

What would you do if the missing link between you and a federal contract win was a few conversations with somebody you care about? For the most part, I serve people who want to win federal contracts. That’s been my profession for over 30 years.

Mars rover traversing plains while lit by the dawn, a small blue pilot light, and a green internally placed lightbulb.

Hot, Dry, Barren: But…Signs of Life?

You know how hard Federal contracting is. You’ve had those weeks, those months: no signs of life anywhere. You turn over the rocks, you dig.


How To Become The Vendor They Trust

You know you have the superior solution for that Federal buyer…if only she would give you a chance. What’s the secret to winning work from

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Put “Low-Hanging Fruit” In 2020 Plan

One evening after I gave a presentation, someone asked me, “Where is the low-hanging fruit in Federal contracting?” Then, I told them confidently, “There’s no such

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Whitelisting Summit Insight Emails

Signed up for Summit Insight emails and haven’t received any? I can help! Make sure Summit Insight addresses are added to your email whitelist so

Want Hermione's Time-Turner to give you the extra proposal hours you need?

The 30-Day Proposal: What Really You Need

“I need more time,” you’re thinking as you pull another all-nighter slammed up against yet one more proposal deadline. “How does anybody get these things

Image of logo for GSA Schedule

Is A GSA Schedule For You? How to Tell

A General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule contract isn’t part of every company’s federal success strategy. Yes, it’s a popular kind of contract. It’s essential for


Easy Tips For Pre-RFP Marketing

A vendor who targets her most promising buyers and builds relationships with them over time has a distinct advantage: she gets to know the needs