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Is Your Business Intelligence A House Of Cards?

business intelligence pile of cards

4 Steps To Change.

How much intelligence is your sales team really uncovering?

You've spent all that money on a CRM system. And now you’ve got a ton of records full of "Met Client" or "Left Message" entries. What does that tell you? Not much. So what should you, as the business owner, be seeing (and doing) as you wait for the sale close?

Your sales team needs to gather and communicate with you the actionable intelligence they uncover from their client connections and prospecting contacts.

Got "Squirrel!" Brain? Get the Fast Cure for Federal Business Frenzy.

"squirrel!":shorthand for every kind of federal business distraction. Here's how to cure that.

By the time Federal small business contractors start to have some success, they’ve gained a certain amount of self-awareness. Which is to say, they often know what’s wrong: they just don’t know how to fix it.

“I will always remember the conversation I had with a triumphant business owner. She was all excited because she had just won her first federal contract. Out of curiosity, I asked her: how many proposals did she submit before she won that first one? “Thirty-nine,” she said cheerfully.

The Six Stages of Sale Grief

(And how to get past them)

Once upon a time, a client project put me between a rock and a very hard place. My commitment was to advise on federal sales. Partway in, the project goals were clarified, and I was told that I needed to make to make federal sales calls for them.

Please understand, dear readers:
This is not my core competence. It's not on my web site. You cannot hire me to do this.
But I needed the work.

I was suddenly in the throes of The Six Stages of Sales Grief:

10 Signs That It's Time For Reverse Auction

Federal reverse auctions can open the big doors of federal agencies for vendors

Despite federal budget woes and close scrutiny from the Administration, reverse auction – the ultimate Race To The Bottom – is actually becoming more popular among federal buyers.

Tough price competition isn’t a winning strategy for many vendors. So, how do you decide when reverse auctions can open big doors for your business?

Actually, there are ten clues.

5 Surprising Facts About Federal Reverse Auctions!

Federal Reverse Auctions are already at a keyboard near you

Federal buyers will turn to reverse auctions more often in 2015, in their quest to stretch budgets and increase competition. There are now three different federal reverse auction services, run by:  The Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), GSA Reverse Auction, and commercial provider FedBid. But these five facts could make you re-think your strategy.