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How To Tap The Surprising Expert on Capability Statements

Here she is, hidden in plain sight: a capability statement expert

There are plenty of companies that are offering to create or review your capability statement – for a fee. But even if the people you hire to help you used to work for the federal government, their advice usually has one major shortcoming:

They’re not your customer.

Business owners often ask me if there’s a standard template for a capability statement. No, there isn’t. And while there are standard elements you need to include, I often find that seasoned experts even disagree about those.

Cracking The Sole Source Code

Row of light bulbs, just one lit

Time after time, I hear business owners saying, “I can never win at that Federal agency. The Contracting Officers (CO’s / KO’s) only want to work with HUBZone, 8(a), Veterans, or (soon) women-owned, businesses they can sole source to.”

Don’t get discouraged; get the facts. USASpending.gov reports that in 2014, only 3% of the total federal spending in any of the small business programs was awarded without competition. In short, what they’re saying isn’t what they’re doing. So what’s going on?

Activating Your FY2015 Sales Plan (Part 4)

Federal sales action plan procurement calls contacts shaking hands

Reach out to potential partners who can help you access contract vehicles or set asides.   Many competitors are potential partners, too – especially if they are eligible for set-aside program that are different from yours. Go back to www.USASpending.gov to see which companies are the top vendors in your target agency in each major small business program. You can find a primary point for those companies in the Dynamic Small Business Search.

Where Are Your Buyers? 3 Ways To Build Essential Federal Connections (Part 3)

contact list federal sales plan government procurement strategy "summit Insight"

Next, it’s time to build or refresh your contact list for your fiscal 2015 federal effort. Successful federal contractors build many relationships inside each federal agency for every major sale. Whether your business is large or small, you’ll also need another deep set of diverse contacts among other contractors to support the teaming that has become essential for growth.

Good news! Your market intelligence is the foundation for that effort. Of course, your star contacts are your current clients. The next tier: the people they recommend to you.