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Find GSA Competitors' Sales Stats (15 Minutes)

Did you know? Not every GSA schedule contract holder wins business.  You can see who's winning...and who's not selling a thing on GSA.

Why is this helpful?  First, your top competitor might be a company you've never heard of!  Government buyers who use the GSA Schedule first call the top GSA vendors when they need something.  Know who they are, and position yourself to win.  Second, if you're looking for partners that have a GSA Schedules, you want to know how well they're doing!

GSA Schedule Contracts: Find The Buyers & Sellers Who Use Them!

Did you know? Government buyers use the US General Services Administration (GSA)'s Schedule Contracts to buy commercial, off-the-shelf, products or services from thousands of vendors.

Government buyers often prefer vendors with GSA Schedules because the buying process is faster. Learn more about GSA Schedule Contracts at www.gsa.gov/masnews.

New Leads In Under 30 Minutes! Using Federal Buying Forecasts

Federal agency forecasts reveal contract opportunities
Did you know? Federal buyers have already begun to pull back the curtain on their buying plans. Let me show you how to open the door to new business. Here's a fast path to finding every agency's contract spending forecast, and a quick lesson on how to use those forecasts to pinpoint prospects you can start pursuing NOW.

Federal FY2013: Trends That Mean Business

Trends are positive in federal business, especially for women-owned companies!
Despite budget cuts, a new Congress and changes in agency leadership, where's new business coming from? Here’s our look at FY2013 emerging opportunities. How can you tell if your company's in position to capture those opportunities? Your best clue is your past performance. Then, think about how your strengths play into the driving themes in this blog post. Read more…