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Got An Idea Worth Sharing? Harness the Power of the Human Imagination

I'm constantly drawn outside the usual orbit of federal acquisition regulations to the art of engaging people in conversation.

For starters, if you are growing your federal business, someone (usually many of them) has to know you, like you, and trust you...when they are almost always doing business with somebody else or solving problems some way that doesn't involve you. Yet.

The conversation sure doesn't open with what kind of small business you are. Try starting with the unique way you solve a problem you know your listener has.

Federal Contract Winners, Protesters, and Real Losers

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I recently surveyed 113 federal contractors about their success in federal contracting. 49% said their win rate is less than 10%. That didn’t surprise me. In 2010, when I was researching my book, I interviewed a business owner who was all excited about winning her first federal contract.

“Tell me something,” I asked. “How many bids did it take you to win that first one?”

“39,” she said triumphantly.

"Follow The Money": Classic Watergate Lesson Drives Federal Wins

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Some of the best advice for federal contract success comes from Mark Felt. Remember him? No? I bet you remember his advice to Bob Woodward, as Watergate scandal's secret source "Deep Throat" in 1972: "Follow the money." Public money means public information. If you know how to find and dig deeply into past federal contract data, you get the stories. Those stories let you open conversations, deepen relationships, and lead to business.

SBA Opens New Federal Small Business Certification Site To WOSB

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If you're pursuing federal prime or subcontract business based on your status as WOSB or EDWOSB, you need to create a login on the new site, SBA ONE.

I've tried it out, and I'm impressed. SBA has made it super easy and fast to upload SBA forms and supporting documents, for both the self-certifying and the third-party certified. Here's what you need to know.