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Camera-Shy Client? How to Get Video Testimonial to Build Your Business.

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Some clients are camera-shy...and others simply aren't allowed to endorse a supplier.

Congratulations! You've landed a major federal agency or publicly-traded company for a client. This is the breakthrough you've been looking for: a reputation for top-tier trusted track record to get your company into the big leagues.

Success begets success, right? So as soon as you've racked up that past performance, and have some results to talk about, you want to share that.

Video boosts your LinkedIn post impact and your credibility.

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Then you discover that your prized customers can't talk about you in public. Many publicly-traded companies can't do anything that might imply a supplier endorsement.

But what if your best clients can't endorse you?

First, get the facts.

Many large companies make their supplier management procedures available to their suppliers. Federal department and agency purchasing is typically governed by at least two sets of rules that are publicly available: (the Federal Acquisition Regulations and an agency-specific Supplement). Get a copy and see exactly what your customer's rules say.

Even if they can't endorse your company via video testimonial, there may be other options. At the very least, you want to verify that you can include a point of contact for your past performance on your capability statement. What about permission to include your customer's company name or logo among a list of your clients?

Second, approach other clients who have similar success stories.

Which of your buyers are most similar to your most recent marquee-name customer? What compelling stories can other clients tell about the results they achieved because they hired or bought from your company?  While big names impress, so do big results. What problems have you solved for them that are most similar to the challenges faced by the prospects you want to attract? Find out their publicity policies.

Third, make it easy.

Even when you client is willing to help you, they're busy. Here's how to make it easy for them to say yes, and get that 30-second video done for you pronto.

  1. Remind them that video from any of desktop, laptop or mobile device are all workable. They can use a recording utility, or record directly to YouTube.
  2. Sitting or standing in front of their company logo is great.
  3. Alternatively, background can be the company environment that reflects the problem you solved for them or where your product is being used.
  4. All they need to do on the recording is:
    Introduce themselves with their name, title and company name.
    As a warm-up, they could say how they met you.
    Then they just need to answer these four questions:
    - What problem did they ask you or your product to solve?
    - What did you do?
    - What happened as a result?
    - What would they say if someone asked them whether to hire your company?
  5. When they're done, they just upload the video to YouTube, set it as "private" and send you the link.

When you get the file, you can edit to add chyron (titles) to your video before publishing it.

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Let your client see your final results before you publish.

Fourth: Get the word out.

Let them know which social media channels, including your web site and blog, you're going to use to publish the video, and encourage them to do the same.

Finally: Say thanks.

Send your client a modest thank you -- card, gift card -- to appreciate their efforts.

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