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Do You Have Accidental Contractor Syndrome?

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Accidental Contractor Syndrome (ACS)* – a treatable entrepreneurial dysfunction common to federal and state government contractors. Symptoms cycle between well-intentioned frenzied excitement and periodic disappointment and organizational disorder. ACS is largely undetected by those suffering, however, individual and small group training, industry education and targeted behavioral change programs have proven effective in treating and eliminating the condition.


Could you be suffering from ACS?


Judy Bradt, CEO of Summit Insight, self-appointed ACS expert and host of “Building Blocks of a Winning Proposal,” has developed a simple, effective diagnostic approach to determine your risk, along with ideal treatment programs to deliberately boost your contract performance, customer retention and proposal win rates. 


No more accidents.


Take the first step to see if ACS is hampering your company, with this diagnostic quiz, and then be on the lookout for Summit Insight news on ACS and its Building Block program that turns “accidentalism” into fate, chance into actuality.

        • When you lose a bid because it’s “marginally qualified,” do you first examine Section L’s formatting requirements? 

        • Does an invitation to a "Red Team Review” justify the price of those ruby slippers you’ve been eyeing?

        • Should office buzz of your project’s “scope creep” have you spending that long awaited year-end bonus?


* Accidental Contractor Syndrome, or ACS, is a completely fictional “condition” imagined solely for the purposes of promoting Summit Insight’s Oct 25 & 26, 2017 webinar, Building Blocks of a Winning Proposal.

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