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Drive More GSA Schedule Wins (Part 3)

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These four tips help you commit to write only "Winner" proposals!

  1. Many companies look at a bid notice and say, “This is perfect for us.” But how many competitors are saying the same thing? All the while, incumbents are already on the inside pre-selling the deal. As a GSA contractor, be selective. Bids and quotes take time and money! Save yours. Bid less, win more.Opportunities through GSA’s eBUY are exciting when you get an invitation to bid on your Category or SIN. But is it a surprise? If so, stop and ask, “Is this opportunity meant for us? Or are they just soliciting bids to get the three-bid-minimum and pick the buyer they wanted all along?”

  2.  Ask for referrals when you “blind” bid. If you decide to bid on something you’ve never heard of, and you’re unsuccessful, contact the buyer afterward. Ask if she can arrange an appointment with the end user after the bidding process is over. If you help her (by filling her file as Loser #2 or Loser #3), maybe she’ll get you an appointment with the end user for next time.

  3.  Only Write Winners: Create and use a Bid / No-Bid checklist specific to your company. Know how to Separate the Winners (opportunities that your experience shows you will win) from the Likely Losers (ones about which you know almost nothing) before you bid.

  4.  Keep track of the bids you submitted: GSA will want to know about your bidding efforts. This activity demonstrates that you’re doing your best and are serious about wanting to keep your contract.

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