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The Easiest DoD Contract You Can Win: Now, 43% Bigger!

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DoD just raised its Micro-purchase threshold from $3,500 to $5,000. This is big news, especially for small business. Here's why: in plain English, that means that a DoD Contracting Officer can give your company, with no competition, an instant contract worth up to $5,000 right now. (I am not making this up: link to DoD's implementation memo HERE.) Just in time for fiscal year-end, too. How great it that?

So, what are you waiting for? Want to know what those $5,000 opportunities are?

They're the last minute dollars at the bottom of the budget at the end of the fiscal year. They're the year-round unspoken fears and ideas and pains of people you already know and people you've never met.

You have a shot at winning that business. We all do. Those buyers are in your phone. They're in their offices. They're buried in that stack of business cards you never filed after that last conference. They're scribbled on a napkin at the Dunkin' Donuts.

Let's get practical: Who are three government buyers -- either people you've already worked for, or ones you've been talking to who have never bought from you? HINT: you already have their phone numbers and their current email address, and you have a relationship with them. They know what you do. They answer your phone calls/emails.

Call them. Check in. Yeah, it's fourth quarter. They might not be able to talk for long or at all. If they have a minute, ask how they're doing. Listen. Ask a couple more questions. What's their biggest problem right now? Who else do they know who's struggling? If they were you, who would they be talking to?

What could you offer that could genuinely help them with that problem for under $4,995?

A report? A study? An assessment? A boxful? A truckload? A sample? A pilot program? An outline? A presentation? A webinar? A training? A few days' temp staffer? Some programming? A user checklist? A speech? A photo shoot? A video?

Write it down in a couple of sentences. Describe the deliverable. Be sure you can get it to them in time. Ask them if that might help.

Worst case, they say no. They might say yes. And they might know somebody else who needs you, too.

(Actually, worst case is you don't make the call, somebody else does, and they put your$5,000 in their pocket, along with a stronger relationship that makes it harder for you to compete.)


* In case you care how that happened, the 2017 Defense Authorization Act made the change, but contracting officers need regulations before they can make a move. I knew the change was coming, but I have to admit I didn't find out it had happened til mid-way through hosting my latest webinar last week.

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A shout-out to my fabulous webinar participants! I'm always learning and sharing the latest and greatest news as well as Q&A from my attendees as well as my guests. Veteran business owners Stacey Coolican and Ron Verostek popped into the webinar chat box with a real-time update that the DoD threshold had changed. That let me get the word out right away to everyone in the session.

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