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Find GSA Competitors' Sales Stats (15 Minutes)

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Did you know? Not every GSA schedule contract holder wins business.  You can see who's winning...and who's not selling a thing on GSA.

Why is this helpful?  First, your top competitor might be a company you've never heard of!  Government buyers who use the GSA Schedule first call the top GSA vendors when they need something.  Know who they are, and position yourself to win.  Second, if you're looking for partners that have a GSA Schedules, you want to know how well they're doing!

Where to go: The Schedule Sales Query (SSQ) System at http://ssq.gsa.gov.

How to start:  On the top left menu, select "Create Report", log in, and hit "Proceed."

What to look for: Sample the 11 different report formats. How would you use each?

  1.  Now go get the GSA Schedule ID Number you jotted down earlier, corresponding to your products or services.

  2.  Select Report 10: Total by Contractor for a Specific Schedule and Fiscal Year, to get a full year of data for the GSA Schedule of your choice. Export the file as an Excel spreadsheet, and then sort by contract value.

What next?  Only 10% of government spending uses GSA Schedule contracts. Want competitive information on the other 90%, not just GSA Schedules?  Time for Lesson 4....

Mon, 12/03/2012 - 5:00am

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