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Finding The Sweet Spot That Reveals New Business

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Pinpoint Your Top Government Prospects

Want to expand into a new government agency? Or looking for your first government contract? The most common questions people ask me are "How can I meet the decision-makers?" and "How can I get in front of people?"

It's simple if you start withyour sweet spot customers. Not the one you'd like to have; not the one you want to have; but the one you have right now.

  • They Pay You On Time
  • They Come Back for More
  • They Send Their Friends

If you were to plot them on a normal distribution curve, you'd see them cluster at the peak of your profitability…and your core competency. (Pay attention: you'll need that succinct core competency for the unique value proposition in your capability statement!)

By doing what you do best, the product or service you provide lets them do what they need to do best. You win because you help them win. That's why they keep coming back and referring their friends. They want you to succeed because they want you to be around to be able to serve them.

People in government with similar needs and problems often know each other. And because government agencies share the common mandate of serving citizens, they're often willing to help a colleague in another agency.

Here's all you have to say. If you're already doing business in an agency, try asking:

"We're so grateful for your business, and we'd like to make a difference in other agencies and programs as we grow our government business—Who else in your agency should we be talking to?"

Or, if you're new to federal:

"Our business is growing, and we're looking to build our government business. Who do you know who would like to have the superlative experience / results we've helped you achieve?"

You're not even asking them to make an introduction. But if they like you as much as you think they do, odds are good that they'll not only provide contact information, but spontaneously offer to make an introduction.

The result for you is priceless:  repeat or referral business with minimal marketing and business development cost.

How would you like your government business to be like that?

Tue, 06/05/2012 - 5:00am

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