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"Follow The Money": Classic Watergate Lesson Drives Federal Wins

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Some of the best advice for federal contract success comes from Mark Felt. Remember him? No? I bet you remember his advice to Bob Woodward, as Watergate scandal's secret source "Deep Throat" in 1972: "Follow the money."

Public money means public information. If you know how to find and dig deeply into past federal contract data, you get the stories. Those stories let you open conversations, deepen relationships, and lead to business.

The big data on federal contracting comes from the Federal Procurement Data System. It can be a painful, eye-crossing experience...but it's there. A couple of times a year, I share a public "how-to" through a Summit Insight webinar, and invite a webinar "sherpa" to share their story.

Army veteran and now Government Sales Manager for BRODA Enterprises USA, Jessica Harding, dug in, got that data, and really worked it. Can one person make a difference to a company's federal results in just a few weeks? You'd better believe it. What did it take? For BRODA, that effort included a combination of:

  • Focus on a single federal department
  • Structured approach: twice-a-year cycle of concentrated efforts on each region of that agency
  • Internal team collaboration on messaging
  • Development of phone scripts based on early field experience
  • Full time outbound and inbound phone calls
  • Enhanced visibility in product shipment
  • New product ideas in response to client conversations
  • Sponorship opportunity for customer community event
  • Learning, and expecting, how many calls it takes to close a deal

Jessica shared her strategies, tactics, and the full story as our webinar sherpa. BRODA Enterprises' experience is just one example of the success our clients have with our Lightning Launch program. (After 4/27, link to the on-demand webinar recording HERE!)

Mon, 04/25/2016 - 10:53am

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