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GSA Acquisition Gateway: Vendor Boon, Bust, or Both?

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Charles Clark's GovExec must-read article on GSA's Acquisition Gateway puts your hand right on the door. The Office of Personnel Management aims to encourage over 10,000 Federal buyers to start to use the Acquisition Gateway this year to compare solutions and price shop as well as share insights and expertise across 17 “hallways” of products and services.

Smart VENDORS are already walking the halls of GSA's Acquisition Gateway, too. Are you one? There are four reasons why you need to wall off some time for yourself NOW and tour GSA's Acquisition Gateway. Oh, and do you know your risks? Watch our webinar recording, full of great tips and resources!

  1. Get competitive intelligence while you can. What's here now is going to change. Frankly, so could the access offered to the public, including information about competitors' pricing, how agencies use which contract vehicles, and what kind of services GSA is offering to guide buyers.
  2. Show your Federal buyer where to find you fast. Finding your way around a new store is time consuming and confusing. And many Federal buyers will be under pressure to use a new system that they don't have much time to learn. A good personal shopper saves the buyer time, and gives the customer confidence that she's getting the best fit and a great value, right? Here's your opportunity:  By learning the paths through the Acquisition Gateway, you can have an excuse for a quick visit or call, walk her through an easy tour, and show her right to the hallway where she can find you when she needs to buy.
  3. Meet GSA's Category Managers!  You'll discover the chiefs who are GSA's Category Managers for 17 industries including IT, Human Resources, Freight & Small Package Delivery, Telecom, Jan-San, Workplace Environment, and more. Check them out on LinkedIn, and consider some reasons to invite them to connect with you.
  4. See yourself the way Federal buyers see you. After you check out your competitors' prices, then take a look at the other the templates and market research tools that your buyers may be using. Not all buyers will use those tools, but if yours will, you want to see where you stack up using the sames tools as they do. Do you like what you see? If you're not the low-price vendor, why else would they choose you? What else might get their attention? What needs attention if you want to be top-ranked?

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Fri, 02/19/2016 - 5:52pm

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