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How To Tap The Surprising Expert on Capability Statements

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Here she is, hidden in plain sight: a capability statement expert

There are plenty of companies that are offering to create or review your capability statement – for a fee. But even if the people you hire to help you used to work for the federal government, their advice usually has one major shortcoming:

They’re not your customer.

Business owners often ask me if there’s a standard template for a capability statement. No, there isn’t. And while there are standard elements you need to include, I often find that seasoned experts even disagree about those.

If you’re the person who’s been given the job of drafting the capability statement, you’ve probably gotten strident and often conflicting advice from more people than you ever imagined would care. You passed the point of wanting to get it right three days ago. You just want this to be over.

I have good news, and bad news…and good news again.

The good news is that a federal expert – in your target agency, no less -- is already waiting for your call. She can tell you easily what your key contact will care about, and what to leave out. Better yet, that person is ready, qualified, and genuinely eager to help you.

Your top-secret expert is…the Small Business Specialist.

Who would know better? She sees hundreds of capability statements a year. Instead of asking her for opportunities, ask for her advice on improving your capability statement! If you ask her, she’ll tell you what’s going to get the attention of the buyers you want to meet.

The bad news is that it’s never over. Top companies are constantly revising their capability statements. Why? Because they tailor a new version for the new person they’re meeting in each agency or partner or project. They want to make sure to emphasize the core competencies, differentiation and past performance that will resonate for each person they brief.

The good news is that now you’ve made a friend who can help you. The Small Business Specialist will remember that you took her advice, which keeps you top of mind for a good reason, and that you’re worth a few minutes of her time again.

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Submitted by Sidney Thomas V... on
Not sure what this about. Can you clarify how I would use a capability statement. Can you clarify the purpose for me?

Submitted by Judy Bradt on
Sure, Sidney! The Capability Statement is the most basic form of introduction, after your business card, that most federal buyers want to see when you are first getting to know them. You can find out more at http://www.summitinsight.com/tools/resources/whitepaper/capability-statements-beyond

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