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It's Federal Q4. Why Isn't Your Phone Ringing?

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Because your Federal buyers want somebody else.

Start changing that today. Register for a 30-minute free webinar that could change everything. You'll learn ten powerful, field-tested federal sales success strategies and tactics that combine to make you top of mind.

Join us Wed, Aug 26th @ 1-1:30 pm EDT.  Register here.

"I aim to walk my talk, every day. In just 30 minutes, I'll show you how to close out Q4 strongly, and get in position for a fabulous FY2016."   ~ Judy Bradt, Webinar Host & CEO, Summit Insight.

Judy brings you over 28 years of federal market success. She'll share expertise that can build a $4.5 million federal pipeline in only 8 months.

The webinar is free. The information...is priceless.

Fri, 08/21/2015 - 1:01pm

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