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Keep Your GSA Schedule (Part 1)

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Are you at or below the minimum sales GSA requires for you to keep your GSA Schedule? You are not alone: Over 1,000 schedule holders on your contract vehicle failed to reach GSA’s minimum sales goal last year.

Did you reach that minimum sales goal in the first and second quarter of 2017? Good for you! You probably saved your GSA Schedule from being dropped. Unfortunately, about 30% of companies who missed that goal have lost their contracts since October 1st, 2016.

You don’t have to get dropped. GSA considers appeals for 12-month extensions.  But to get that, you must show GSA you’re committed to overachieving sales numbers in the coming year.

Here’s what you can do today.

  1. Commit to specific, proven, sales and marketing activities right now.
  2. Focus on agencies who use GSA schedules. If they don’t, educate your customer agency and point them directly to your GSA schedule.
  3. Only write winning proposals:  Don’t spend your marketing/sales budget on writing bids for buyers you’ve never met. That includes people who call at the last minute begging for your quote. Learn how to separate the winners from the losers before you bid.
  4. Tell GSA what you’re doing. Show them a detailed marketing plan. That includes the people you have on your team, the investment you’ve made in staff, consultants, marketing and sales, and tracking data on the bids you’ve made.  They need to see you are doing everything in your power to sell, sell, sell.

This is the first of five articles dedicated to GSA Schedule holders who are on the brink of losing their schedules due to lack of sales. If that’s you, you deserve a second chance and there is hope.

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