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Is My Business Qualified to Get A GSA Schedule?

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This is a guest post by Courtney Fairchild, President and CEO of Global Services. It originally appeared at http://www.globalservicesinc.com/is-my-business-qualified-to-get-a-gsa-schedule.html and was reprinted with permission.

Typically, our potential clients start with the exact same question: Can I get a GSA Schedule? In fact, you may be wondering the same thing, so we have compiled a quick checklist of the absolute “must haves” for anyone considering priming a GSA Schedule contract. Take a look and see how your business holds up:

  • General Requirements:
    • Has your company been in business and running revenue for two years or more?
    • Has your company sold the product or service you want to list on GSA in the past two years and can you provide invoices to substantiate it?
    • Are your company’s products and services manufactured or provided in the United States or Trade Agreement Act agreed upon country? (See FAR 52.225-5 for a listing of approved countries.)
    • Does your company have positive financials for the last two years or a solid explanation of any variations?
    • Does your company have controls in place to monitor your non-GSA pricing to ensure compliance with the Price Reduction Clause in the future?
  • Services Specific Requirements:
    • Have you completed two projects (or at least the first year of ongoing projects) in the past two years that fall within the scope of the Special Item Number(s) you want to pursue
    • Do you have an adequate financial software system in place that is capable of tracking and invoicing labor hour awards?
  • Registrations Needed:

Keep in mind there are many other parts to a GSA Schedule proposal and a lot more information you will have to gather, analyze and prepare for submission. And while this list is not a complete listing of all of the requirements GSA imposes on potential contractors, if you can’t meet the above qualifications, you may want to hold off on preparing a full proposal until you can satisfy them.

If you have questions on any of the those requirements or if you meet these minimums and are ready to target agencies that use the GSA Schedule, perhaps it is time to contact Global Services for help with your GSA Schedule needs.

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