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New Leads In Under 30 Minutes! Using Federal Buying Forecasts

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Federal agency forecasts reveal contract opportunities

Did you know? Federal agencies publish online buying forecasts, and revise them all year long.

Why is this helpful? Forecasts help you focus your efforts on agencies that have money in the budget to buy what you've got. You can also pick out procurements set aside for your kind of company.

Where to go:http://acquisition.gov/comp/procurement_forecasts/index.html.

How to start:You'll see four drop-down menus. Open the bottom one, FORECASTS, and choose the department you want to research.

What to look for: A forecast typically covers planned purchases worth more than $150,000, and includes:

What products and services they plan to buy

  • How much they plan to spend on each purchase
  • Buyer point of contact -- name, phone and email
  • When they plan to buy -- planned solicitation release date
  • How they will seek vendors, including plans for small business preferences

What next:

  • Highlight the forecast requirements you could meet
  • Narrow your list based on which opportunities are most similar in size to your best past performance
  • Put into priority based on which agencies you've worked with or have contacts in
  • Research the precursuor or current contracts to consider what future needs might be and who the incumbents are
  • Tailor your capability statements to show how your past performance fits each buyer's needs
  • Make a list of the questions you want answered before the RFP comes out, like:
    • When will the RFP be released?
    • When will the agency decide which set aside program, if any, they'll use?
    • Who is the program manager and how can you contact her?
    • Will there be a draft RFP or other pre-RFP activities? If so, what and when?
  • Get in touch with the point of contact
    • get as many answers as you can
    • find out who else you should speak with to make buyers aware of your capabilities
  • Let the small business specialist know what you're pursuing, and how things progress, and ask for help meeting other contacts if you have difficulty connecting.

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