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Pick Out The Perfect Opportunity To Pursue

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If an opportunity's not glowing red hot, how can YOU tell the difference? Look at any two Federal opportunities. Which one is pliable? Which is already too cold for you to shape? Which opportunities could you have captured if you had known the right thing to do?

Are you giving the right attention to the right opportunity? What are the foolproof criteria to tell them apart?

"Hot glass looks like cold glass," said Mr Boyagoda, my 12th grade chemistry teacher, just before we lit the bunsen burners to bend little glass pipette tubes. "Well, sure," I thought, "who doesn't know that?" The red-hot bend in my pipette stopped glowing and I heard the sizzle before I felt the pain. Hot things can look cold...and cold-looking things can be very hot. How can you make the most of what you've got? It takes practice to know without getting burned! Lesson number one, learned.

Visiting the Corning Museum of Glass recently got me thinking about that again. The contemporary glass works -- like this Dale Chihuly piece -- captivated me. I was struck by the incredible knowledge that artists need to have of their materials as they shape molten glass. They know, from years of practice (and lots of broken pieces), just the right thing to do with glass through a wide range of temperatures to get the result they want. Lesson two, got it.

If you read my articles, you know that I generally discourage business owners from bidding an opportunity when you don't know the buyer, you don't know the budget, you don't know the incumbent, and you don't know the history. BUT...there are special cases when that's exactly the right move.

The messy middle is the warm stuff. How can you pick out opportunities where you need to turn up the heat...and which ones to abandon? We all think we know what to do with the hot opportunities...but those ones also take skill to shape without getting burned. You can try to figure it out...or save a lot of time and broken pieces by learning from a master federal business developer with millions of dollars of capture and over 35 years' experience with large companies and small.

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