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Q4 Tip #5: Rediscover Reverse Auctions

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Imagine a federal acquisition that met all the FAR's requirements for "competitive process", resulted in a single offeror, and avoided all the work of justifying a sole source award.

Meet reverse auction, about 30% of the time!

Not much time, gotta find suppliers fast...this is a time of year when federal buyers running out of time to spend their money head for the reverse auction block.

How could a "race to the bottom" possibly be good? Most of us want to win at the HIGHEST, not lowest price possible. Well, what if almost a third of federal reverse auctions only have a single bidder? But that process met the requirement for "competitive award" and avoided all the work of sole source? (Got your attention?)

Know when reverse auctions can open big doors for your business: check out these ten clues!  MORE >>

Which reverse auction systems do federal buyers use?

  • Well, you've probably heard of FedBid.
  • GSA's Reverse Auction is growing, too, and continues improvements like lowering user fees MORE >>
  • Military buyers can use DLA's reverse auction system, Procurex, for:

    – Pricing of competitive commercial and non-commercial items
    – Long term and one time buys
    – Competing Delivery Orders
    Find out more!

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