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Unsolicited Proposals Time

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In the Summit Insight Mailbag This Week -- A Great Question

"How can I prepare an unsolicited proposal?"

Be sure it's the right thing to do. An unsolicited proposal is only appropriate when the agency hasn't already anticipated the need that you think you can meet. And it's not something you send to strangers.

If you’re thinking of sending an unsolicited proposal to a federal agency, remember:

  • Check the federal policy about when contracting officers can consider unsolicited proposals. You'll find the relevant Federal Acquisition Regulations here:
  • Protect your proprietary or sensitive information, as suggested by the FARS.
  • Find out if you’re allowed to place limitations on what the recipient may do with the content of your proposal.
  • “Unsolicited” doesn’t mean “free form.”  Look up any rules your target agency has about unsolicited proposals. You'll need to play by the rules if you want to be considered.

This article from ONVIA summarizes the process and includes other useful regulatory links: http://gov.onvia.com/unsolicited-proposals-and-bids/

Now, if you’re going to send an unsolicited proposal, wouldn’t you want to know how someone is going to evaluate it? Some links to specific agency guidelines include:

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