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For government contractors in the middle market, stagnation and backsliding aren't inevitable. With the support of Tonya Speed, Executive Director of Mid-Tier Advocacy and a student team from the George Washington University, I got insight from successful current and aspiring mid-tier government contractors into how to create a smooth, powerful, and one-way transition into the mid-tier. Here's just a little of what I learned from them.

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Thu, 06/12/2014 - 7:37am


Submitted by Guy Hinkler on
Brilliant insight as always, Judy. I’ve seen the “watch what you wish for” implosions that could have been prevented by these initiatives. This advice crystalized it for me and is going right into my toolbox.

Submitted by Judy Bradt on
Guy, thank you for reading our blog! Share the insights, and pass the link and the article along to friends, too!

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