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Defense Health Agency: Meeting IT Buyers And Winning Business

Wednesday, November 29, 2017 -
2:00pm to 3:00pm

Join me for a complimentary, live webinar with Mary Ann Rockey, Former Deputy Program Executive Officer, Defense Healthcare Management Service.

We'll explore these topics as they affect the Defense Health Agency (DHA)'s IT requirements: 
- The three fatal mistakes vendors make (and what to do instead) 
- What a Program Manager (PM) wants in a first meeting 
- How to (and not to) make first contact with a CO/KO/PM 
- What kind of past performance counts 
- How to build trust and interest in working together 
- What are DHA's big challenges, and where opportunities are emerging 
- The steps to building a relationship to do business 

We'll start with conversation and leave lots of time for Q&A. The content is in the conversation, not in a slide deck, this time! 

Bring LOTS of questions! By all means, EMAIL ME in advance to make sure we cover what's on your mind. 

Log on early to avoid disappointment. Lines are limited. This is a complimentary webinar, part of my series, "Grow Your Federal Business" presented by Summit Insight