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FPDS Deep Dive: Competitive Analysis Made Easier!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016 -
2:00pm to 3:00pm
Follow the money, FPDS, Federal sales success, Judy Bradt, Summit Insight, webinar, Watergate

Want more federal wins? That sales success starts with better Competitive Analysis! Judy Bradt, CEO of Summit Insight, and our special guest, Jessica Harding of BRODA Enterprises, are here to help. You'll learn:

  • What questions you need to ask
  • Where to find two brand-new, free, federal market research tools
  • What the Federal Procurement Data System can tell you 
  • Where to find easy, pre-formatted reports 
  • How much data is really there
  • The top secret that thousands of federal contractors miss
  • And what do to next.

The webinar is free. What you'll learn is priceless.

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Here’s what participants said they liked best about the Federal Sales Success Series: FPDS Deep Dive webinar.

The Content

  • “You covered the topics that businesses in federal space are normally unaware of or don’t pay attention to.”
  • “The information was correct, there was lots of it, and a few nuggets of gold!”
  • “Great overview of the Federal Procurement Data System”
  • “Learning to navigate FPDS”
  • “You highlighted items that I could not figure out!”
  • “The walk-through on developing reports on FPDS. I have been using FPDS for 3 years and the Ad Hoc Report option is the best-kept secret of the system. Highly recommend the manual, page 91.”
  • “Info regarding new and changed government systems available to me”
  • “You included the various ways to pull data on where and how agencies are spending money. I liked the tips and the websites you covered.”
  • “Very interesting! You identified lots of resources, including other, free or subscription, tools and processes available, and information about new data and sources like www.calc.gsa.gov
  • ”I liked the Government Contracts Made Easier Strategy Workbook!
  • “Finding out where to get more information I didn't know was available. It provided good tips to get me started taking advantage of FPDS.”

The Federal Market Experience

  • “Judy always has such useful real world experience to share.”
  • “Approaches on how best to get meetings with customers”
  • “I learned how to think out of the box to target and pursue a customer.”
  • “You shared marketing tactics, particularly LinkedIn engagement and the expectation of how often you must reach out in order to connect.
  • “I really liked how you showed the value of Brene Brown’s “Anatomy of Trust” marble jar analogy.

The Presenter

  • “I liked the webinar leader! Judy’s presentation style is awesome! She presents clear information quickly, to the point, and covers it well.”
  • “She’s very personable, likeable, knowledgeable about her subject, and shares concrete examples that make it easy to understand.”
  • “I liked the organization: very well put-together, very professional. I saw the ‘how-to’ demonstrated in the slides.”
  • “Solid presentation and interaction, and a wealth of knowledge.”
  • “I like the enthusiasm and direct delivery of the very useful information.”