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"My company, ClearFlite Inc, has had a GSA contract to sell portable room air purifiers since 2004. I actually like selling to the government because the contracting officers, purchasing agents and other people I deal with are always polite and professional.  The system may be difficult to figure out, but the people are great.

"We had had only minor success with our federal sales. Although I've always known there was a lot more I could do with my GSA Schedule, I didn't have the time, resources or will to work on it. I placed it on the backburner except to ensure that we sold enough to keep it." 


"Like many small contractors, I receive countless emails and calls from consultants who want to help you make millions selling to the government.  They all sounded alike - too good to be true.  Plus having worked with consultants in corporations I worked in prior to having my own business, I knew I would end up spending a great deal of time educating them on my industry.

"Over the past year, however, one company - Summit Insight - sent out marketing emails which had a different feel to them.  They were generously packed with actionable, relative information and instructions on how to improve your government business.  Rather than telling you what Summit Insight could do for you, they seemed intent on teaching you to do it for yourself.  I began to listen to the webinars, read Judy Bradt's book and to watch the company.  Over time, I was impressed, which does not happen easily.

"In 2016, I realized that if I didn't do something to infuse energy into my government business, that I was wasting my time with it.

Summit Insight Solution: 

"I decided to dare greatly and to hire Summit Insight to do their Lightning Launch on my business.  So far, it has far exceeded my expectations...[the Summit Insight team] have been extraordinary in the organization and depth of data they have provided, the instruction in how to use it, the coaching in how to approach prospects, and in answering the obscure questions that I've never found answers to in the past."


"They provided so much data and links to critical information that it could have been overwhelming for a small business, but they assigned specific tasks to do daily, periodic goals and a mega spreadsheet in which to capture everything."

"I wish I had hired Summit Insight five years ago, but better late than never.  I highly recommend Summit Insight for any business, but especially for small contractors who have invested a lot in their GSA Schedule contract and are still looking for success!"
~ Terri Brewer, President, ClearFlite Inc

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