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RMA Federal


RMA Associates is a CPA and Consulting firm that provides audit, consulting, and advisory services to the federal government. Working with Summit Insight, they doubled their federal revenue in 2016.


Reza Mahbod, President of RMA Associates, sought business development and staff training help at the beginning point of the company's participation in the 8(a) program.

I was looking for ways to enhance our team’s business development efforts.  I knew I needed help to motivate a team of employees, and give them training to improve their delivery and also their business development efforts.

Summit Insight Solution: 

"Judy and her team at Summit Insight provided wonderful training sessions that allowed the employees and RMA management to connect with each other. People learned about the procurement process and the importance of being corporate ambassadors for RMA. 

It was very easy.  I liked the professionalism of Judy and her team!  Life became easier and we continued to grow.

"I knew what I had to do next, and so I could confidently invest more in the company. Our team targeted our business development efforts. We hired a Business Development professional. The entire staff learned about the procurement cycle, which helped us all. I also focused more on professional development for my staff, and created formal staff appreciation activities. 

"I hired additional employees at all levels and for different purposes. We moved to larger office space and upgraded our IT platform and tools. 

“Should you work with Judy? If you want to learn how to better engage people and grow your federal business through relationships, I would say yes.  If you also want to engage in staff development training, I would say yes."   


RMA Federal doubled our federal market revenue in 2016!