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Learn from today's top federal contractors and get high-impact, practical ideas you can use right away to grow your federal business.

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Custom Training: On-Site or Online

Let me give your team the tools and skills you need to grow your federal business.  I'll bring you a fabulous learning experience and powerful, practical, ideas you can use right awayBonus: you get a savvy, entertaining speaker with an outstanding track record.

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Here's what clients say: Judy Bradt is a phenomenal trainer and public speaker. 

  • “Judy’s presentation style is awesome!"
  • "Clear information presented quickly and to the point.”
  • “Judy’s very personable, likeable, and knowledgeable."
  • "Concrete examples that make it easy to understand.”
  • “Very well put-together, organized, professional. I saw the ‘how-to’ demonstrated.”
  • “Solid presentation and interaction, a wealth of knowledge.”
  • “Enthusiasm and direct delivery of very useful information.”
  • “Topics that businesses in federal space are normally unaware of.”
  • “Correct information, and lots of it. Nuggets of gold!”
  • “Explained the stuff that I could not figure out!”
  • “Ways to pull data on where and how agencies are spending."
  • “Where to get information I didn't know was available."
  • “Generous, useful, real world experience.”
  • “Approaches on how to get meetings with customers”
  • “Marketing tactics, LinkedIn engagement, and how often you must reach out in order to connect.

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